Wolff's Amazing Services

We use state of the art equipment for all of our inspections including:

Electronic Constant Read Radon Testing Equipment
Explosive Gas Detectors
Carbon Monoxide Detectors

All of our reports include digital HD photography

Home Inspections

What is inspected?
    • Grounds
    • Driveway
    • Garage
    • Outdoor fixtures and faucets
    • Siding, Trim, and Doors
    • Decks and Patios
    • Roof
    • Chimney
    • Attic
    • Fireplaces
    • Stairs
    • Interior rooms; walls and floors
    • Windows
    • Kitchen
    • Bathrooms
    • Laundry
  • Installed appliances
  • Electrical service, wiring, and outlets
  • HVAC
  • Foundation
  • Structure
  • Basement
  • Plumbing
  • WDI and Mold evidence

Commercial Inspections

Wolff Home Inspections will inspect commercial and multi family homes of any size. We use a team approach when necessary and have a team of expert partners who we call in as needed to inspect commercial properties including multi building sites.

Pre-Sale Inspections

A pre-sale inspection will let you know what the buyer’s inspector will find when you have gone to contract. The time to know those things is before you list the house! That gives you the opportunity and the time to resolve any issues in the best and least expensive way. Wolff Home Inspections will work with you and your broker to identify the repairs or changes that make sense to invest in and the ones that don’t. Our experience and expertise is a valuable resource to help you maximize the earnings from your sale.

Healthy Home Inspections

A Wolff Home Inspections healthy home inspection will help you ensure that your home is:

  • dry
  • clean
  • safe
  • pest-free
  • free of contaminants
  • well ventilated
  • well maintained
  • thermally controlled

Additional Services

Water Quality Testing

Basic Profile: recommended for all homes with a well. Includes:

  • Bacteria
  • pH
  • Turbidity
  • Color
  • Odor
  • Nitrate and Nitrite Nitrogen
  • Sulfate
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Hardness
  • Sodium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Flouride
  • Bacteria only

Arsenic & Uranium
Radon in water


Well Performance Testing

Well System Performance – Flow Test

Establishes how your well and system function regarding:

  • Average pressure and pressure tank condition
  • Gallons per minute and gallons per hour

This demonstrates your well and water system’s ability to provide adequate water and water pressure for your family’s needs.


Radon in Air Testing

Wolff Home Inspections uses state of the art, electronic constant read radon detectors that are highly accurate, provide a detailed record of the test, and reveal if there was tampering with the test.


Wood Destroying Insect and Organism Inspections

Wolff Home Inspections can provide a certified inspection to reveal any Wood Destroying Insect damage or activity as required for FHA and VA loans.

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